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African Philosophy
& Conversational Igbo Class

An Afropolitan learning journey brought to you by the curators of Pure Lagos African Art Gallery~

Welcome to our lively discussion course of African philosophy using conversational Igbo to highlight relevant topics in our world today. We will speak in Igbo and English as  we talk about pertinent issues and come to a higher understanding of personal, social and political ideas from an Igbo worldview. Igbo is an easy and fun language to learn with phonetic words that roll off the tongue. It is a musical language with connections to Hebrew, Latin and olde English. You will be enthralled by the engaging dialogue filled with the knowledge and wisdom of a very rich Nigerian culture. The myriad proverbs that anchor the Igbo language will help you to visualize and internalize the cultural framework behind the words. There is also a wonderful cooking lesson at the end to enliven your appetite for the healing ingredients of the African Diaspora. Many folks of color throughout the Diaspora are descendants of the Igbo peoples. Check your DNA, you just might be from Igboland yourself! After all, civilization began in Africa, making the continent everyone’s primordial home. Now is the perfect time to revisit your roots and rediscover your traditional foremothers ways of being, thinking and speaking. Let's decode this ancient tongue together and discover its secret cosmology...


Sia Alexander attended Stanford University and Howard University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Human Psychology. After working in her field as a therapist in San Francisco, California, Sia decided to pursue a career in fashion. While working as a Ford model in NY, Paris, and Capetown, she kept her mind and body sharp by studying holistic health, art therapy, and natural beauty maintenance on her off-time. This lead to research on the development of an all-natural and homemade skin and body care line using indigenous African age-old herbs and plants. From the success of her products, Sia was inspired to develop her own company, SiaNatural, to aid others in living a more holistic and healthy life, which includes skin care products, an Afropolitan fashion line, and holistic healing consultations. Today Sia writes a blog at which chronicles her journey of healing and service as she travels around the world.

Joseph Chike Nwagbogu, an African art scholar and dealer, is the founder of Nimbus Gallery Lagos and Bogobiri House. He is the quintessential pioneer of the contemporary art landscape and ecosystem in Lagos, Nigeria.


Sia and Chike also run the Pure Lagos African Art Galleries in Downtown Norfolk, which offer a curated selection of original art, fashion and artifacts from across the continent. Their eclectic shop welcomes each customer on an artistic journey through the creativity of Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya and more. They teach African Philosophy and Igbo classes in person and online.

African Art & Igbo Philosophy Tour

We will graciously host you through conversational Igbo and touch upon African philosophical concepts whilst sharing our 3 eclectic Afropolitan Art Gallery spaces, all within a short scenic walk or drive through the Historic District. Afropolitan snacks and drinks like fried Dodo (plantain) chips and Hibiscus punch will be on hand for your sampling pleasure.

Other things to note:

Street 2hr parking available at 251 W Bute St.


We will highlight tasty, healthy african insipired small snacks like Chin Chin, Plantain Chips, Hibiscus Punch (Zobo), and other surprises...

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